April 16, 2015 Bellevue DECA pizza

Bellevue DECA dining on pizza before the Collegiate DECA 2015 ICDC: Dillon, Keith, Madison, Kyle, Daniel, Dan, Andy, Dorel, Olivia, Conner, Susan, Gabe, Vincy, Charlize

All the practice for competition leaves the Bellevue DECA team feeling hungry. Enjoying Giodano’s pizza at the Collegiate DECA 2015 International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. From left to right: Dillon Meine, Keith Monaghan, Madison Silverman, Kyle Barber, Daniel Monroe, Dan Palanchuk, Andy Norris, Dorel Roata, Olivia Wright, Conner Watts, Susan Petris, Gabe Amare, Vincy Huang, Charlize Cheng.

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