Interest in Phi Beta Lambda

So what is this Phi Beta Lambda thing we keep hearing about?  It is essentially a competing organization to DECA, which in their high school configuration is called Future Business Leaders of America.  While very similar to DECA, there are some key differences:

You can compete in multiple events

There are events in broad academic categories not seen in DECA, including technology, economics, and digital media

Coaches are not allowed to help you: so no coaching sessions!  You either have it or you don’t

The Washington state tournament is one day only, April 11.   It is in Walla Walla, which is four hours away, so I presume most people would want to stay overnight rather than leave Bellevue at 3 AM that Saturday morning.  You are allowed to participate in up to three regular events, and unlimited testing only events (time permitting).  The tricky part is only the first place winner gets to advance to nationals in Chicago.

Please review the list of events and let Kyle know if you are interested in competing.