Rex Bobbish DECA Coach

Rex Bobbish

Rex is a graduate of Western Michigan University (B.A.-Marketing, 1993), University of Detroit Law School (Juris Doctor, 1996), New York University (Ed.M.- History Education, 2003), Columbia University (M.Ed.-Organizational Leadership, 2007). Rex has served on the faculty of Bellevue College since 2019 as an adjunct instructor in the Marketing department. Courses taught: International Marketing, Introduction to Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Media Buying, and Advanced Analytics.

Rex lives and works full-time in New York City where he serves as a leadership development coach and leader of professional learning programs.

DECA Events Coached

  • International Marketing

To schedule a coaching session, e-mail Rex at and put "DECA: Request for Coaching" in the subject line.

heryl Engstrom DECA Coach

Cheryl Engstrom

Cheryl joined the Bellevue College team with the hopes of finding a way to contribute to a new generation of marketers. Little did she know that she would jump in with both feet through DECA. She puts her 30 years of marketing for advertising agencies and major Pacific NW companies to work to help Bellevue DECA’s team win state and national championships. Her work for Nordstrom and Eddie Bauer as well as The Bellevue Collection over the years has her firmly rooted in fashion and branded products. Her toughest gig was working on the island of Kauai as the Director of PR for the island’s first “mega-resort,” The Westin Kauai, where she worked with journalists from around the globe. She now runs her own agency, Engstrom Marketing.

For fun, Cheryl does bare-bow archery, rides a Suzuki Bergman 400cc scooter, bakes way too many goodies, plays guitar, and spends summer weekends at her beach property in Grayland, Washington boogie boarding the waves. Cheryl also enjoys jumping off tall ladders.

DECA Events Coached

  • Fashion Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Event Planning
  • Hotel Management
  • Restaurant Management
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Meet our Coaches

Scheduling and attending coaching sessions is a big part of what makes our team successful! Below, you can find more information about our coaches, what they do, and how they can help you succeed as a DECA member!

Kyle Barber DECA Coach

Kyle Barber

Kyle started our team eight years, recognizing the value of developing students’ problem-solving and presentation skills to help them land great careers. He is the Chair of the marketing department and has taught at Bellevue College for almost a decade now. He spent most of his career in New York City, leading the measurement and analytics departments for large advertising agencies like McCann, Wunderman, Starcom, Razorfish, and Draft FCB.

For fun Kyle likes hiking, scuba diving, travelling to far off places, reading books that have nothing to do with marketing, and taking time to have long, drawn out conversations with friends.

To schedule a coaching session, e-mail Kyle at and put "DECA: Request for Coaching" in the subject line.

Zorica Wacker DECA Coach

Zorica Wacker

Zorica has been teaching digital marketing courses with a focus on data analytics tools and emerging tech at Bellevue College for the past several years. She is an experienced educator, who has also worked as a consultant for the World Bank and the British Council.

Zorica loves swimming, hiking, and listening to classical music.

To schedule a coaching session, e-mail Zorica at and put "DECA: Request for Coaching" in the subject line.

Hather Sneed DECA Coach

Heather Sneed

Heather is a career marketer, with over 14 years of marketing experience focusing on SEO, content marketing, and digital advertising. She went back to school in 2017 and graduated from Bellevue College with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing. She is working on her master's degree in Leadership and Management from Washington Governors University.

Heather currently teaches Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing Strategy, Display Media Strategy, and Data Analytics at Bellevue College. Heather's mission is to help students reach the goals they have set for themselves and to help them navigate the educational process within the field of marketing and business. She currently works for an advertising agency based out of Austin, TX. When not working, Heather enjoys traveling, vanlife, sleep, and tacos.

To schedule a coaching session, e-mail Heather at and put "DECA: Request for Coaching" in the subject line.

Coach Jordan Wong

Jordan Wong

Jordan is a senior tech recruiter at Hiya. She manages the engineering product and support talent, and team. She experience working with both startups and fortune 500 companies in tech and entertainment to develop talent strategies and policies. She is a former BC DECA student from 2016 (running start) and Director of Fundraising for the team.

To schedule a coaching session, e-mail Jordan at and put "DECA: Request for Coaching" in the subject line.