Advance Your Career

We all know, or have heard, how difficult it can be after college finally diving into your new career. Not just finding jobs, but actually landing them can be difficult and nerve wracking if you're not prepared.

While being part of Bellevue DECA doesn't guarantee a job, it is a truly great opportunity to get prepared. It provices the chance to practice skills that you absolutely need in the work place, that you likely would not get from the classroom; that includes thinking on your feet in tense situations, learning how to act in professional circumstances, and how to give presentations that keep your audience interested.

But it's not just a chance to learn, it's a chance to build a network both of your peers at school and also of judges and other career professionals you'll meet throughout your DECA journey. Having a network of people you can rely on once out of school can be of enormous help, not only straight out of school but far, far into your career.

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