Fall Orientation and Leadership Conference - Leavenworth 2015
Bellevue DECA team at Universal Studios

About DECA

DECA is a national organization dating back to 1946, serving both high school and college students who wish to achieve success in their careers and as future leaders. More than ten million individuals have participated in DECA in some fashion, resulting in a significant brand that has changed many lives. Their stated purpose:

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe

Bellevue DECA is just one of over 250 college and university chapters that are affiliated with the DECA organization, resulting in over 15,000 Collegiate DECA members. Factor in the additional 200,000 current high school members and one can see how popular and relevant DECA is in terms of future employment.

Washington is one of the most active DECA states in the country, and numerous employers in the Seattle area have themselves participated in the activity. With so many recent graduates struggling to find a quality job that has long-term career prospects, choosing to be part of DECA seems like a clear decision. Hiring managers are seeking qualified candidates, and listing DECA on your resume can be a quick indicator of an individual who goes the extra mile.

DECA is designated as a career and technical service organization by the US Department of Education, and is deeply embedded in to the curriculum design of our marketing and business courses at Bellevue College. You can learn more about the 23 different events offered at the collegiate level (of which Bellevue DECA participates in all) by clicking here.