How to Get Started with DECA

Step 1: Choose an Event

So, you're interested in joining the Bellevue College DECA Team. The first thing a new recruit should do is choose an event to participate in. Please keep in mind that you are allowed to compete in two events (one prepared and one unprepared) for Regionals, but only one event for Nationals. We have 25 different events in multiple categories (Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing).

Step 2: Connect with Your Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are Team Officers who help recruiters, new and veteran members build their skills to compete in DECA Tournaments. Think of them as the go-to person if you have any questions, or concerns, regarding your preferred events. If you are a new recruit, you can find your event coordinator below and let them know you are interested in competing, so we can help you through the getting started process.

Step 3: Attend a Group Session

Once you have connected with your event coordinator, you can join DECA Group Sessions where you can collaborate with other members in a safe and fun learning environment led by students. If you still have questions or are curious to learn more about an event, stop by the scheduled group sessions to listen in and get more information! All group sessions are currently being held virtually via Microsoft Teams. You can see the schedule for Group Sessions below:


  • Finance Events — Every first Thursday of the month @ 6 pm
  • Business Events — Every second Thursday of the month @ 6 pm
  • Entrepreneurship Events — Every third Thursday of the month @ 6 pm
  • Prepared Marketing — Every other Wednesday @ 11 am
  • Unprepared Marketing — Every Thursday @ 7 pm
  • Hospitality and Tourism — Every other Tuesday @ 4 pm


If you'd like the link to join a session, please reach out to Event Coordinators, our VP of Talents (Kimm Moore), or our Bellevue DECA Director (Kyle Barber). We have a vast group of people willing to help and guide you through this journey!

Step 4: Schedule a Coaching Session

Coaching sessions provide students with support in getting started in DECA and training towards careers and lifelong skills. Schedule a virtual meeting with one of our Bellevue DECA coaches or collaborate with other DECA members at our group sessions to get the tools and resources you need to become competitive.

Click here to find a coach that coaches your DECA event.

Step 5: Pay the Membership Fee

To compete in the DECA tournaments, each member needs to pay a $40 annual fee. If you have any questions regarding membership payment, please reach out to Kyle Barber.