How To Get Started

Are you interested in joining our team? Scroll down to find what steps you should take!

1: Learn About DECA

The first step in joining our team is learning what DECA is. You can watch the video and read more about DECA in our website. Just click on the button below!

Now that you've learned about DECA, you might be interested in joining our team! To provide you with the best support possible, please fill out our interest form--this will help us gauge your interest level, help you find an event, and match you with the appropriate coach.


3: Find Your Events

After filling out our interest form, one of our mentors will contact you to help you choose which events you want to compete in. To participate in both State and National competitions, our members need to choose one prepared and one unprepared event. To learn more about events, click on the link below.

4: Schedule a Coaching Session

Once you know which events you will compete in, your mentor will also help you schedule your first coaching session. Our team offers both individual and group sessions led by our professors, graduated members, and officers. Check out the link below if you want to know more about our coaches!

2022 Bellevue DECA Team at ICDC in Baltimore

Join us for DECA Nationals in Austin, TX!

After completing the steps above, don't forget to register to become an official Bellevue College DECA Member!

And then the countdown starts for Nationals...