What is DECA?

DECA is a national organization with over 15,000 collegiate members across 250 colleges. Most DECA members gain an advantage in the job market, and this experience is invaluable wherever you plan to go. 

One of the most unique and amazing things about Bellevue College DECA is that it is an extracurricular activity. This means we are open to any students at Bellevue College and do not require you to be enrolled in any specific classes. 

Bellevue DECA is a diverse group of students and alumni who support each other either at school, in competitions, and on into the workplace after graduation. Being part of the community is an opportunity to build a network with friends who want to help each other succeed.

We participate in DECA's Competitive Events tournaments throughout the school year, on both Regional and National levels. Being part of the DECA team allows students to put their experience, skills, and knowledge to the test. There are 25 different events to compete, in the Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Finance categories.

Student recognition

Travel opportunities

Networking with peers


Collegiate DECA offers 25 competitive events related to various industries. Those competitions measure student's skills and knowledge in marketing + sales, communications + technology, hospitality + tourism, finance + accounting, business management, or entrepreneurship.


Prepared vs. Unprepared

A prepared event in DECA involves students presenting a well-researched business plan or marketing strategy to judges, highlighting their knowledge and skills in a competitive setting. You will have at least two months to prep for the entire presentation. This includes a write-up and slide presentation.  

An unprepared event in DECA typically involves students spontaneously responding to a given business scenario or problem, demonstrating their ability to think on their feet and apply their knowledge and skills in real-time. Members doing a team event will have one hour to prepare, while those competing individually will have 30 minutes. You can prepare any presentation assistance you would like, such as PowerPoint slides. 

Team vs. Individual

In DECA, you can compete in events as an individual competitor or in team events of two or three members, depending on the category of interest.  


For a comprehensive view of the events offered, check the official Collegiate DECA Events link below.

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