Why You Should Join DECA

You might be wondering why should I even join DECA? What does DECA have to offer me? Hearing teachers talk about the team in classes might lead you to have some idea of who and what DECA is. Aside from the ever enticing extra credit and travel opportunities DECA has a lot to offer.


Seeing that Bellevue College is a common transfer school it can be hard to meet and make friends outside of class. DECA is able to provide community and friendship to those who are a part of the team! We build community through shared experiences, fun events, community service, and competition. As a team, we get to come together to support and challenge each other within DECA and Speech competitions.

Fun Events

While Bellevue DECA loves to win and takes competition seriously we also love to get together and have fun. From bowling to game nights, ice skating and movies Bellevue DECA knows how to have a good time together. Not only are we competitors and teammates but friends as well.

Personal Growth

Community and fun events tend to bring people into the team but personal growth opportunities are usually why people stay. Through coaching and competition students are actively practicing and perfecting their speaking and presentation skills. Not only that but learning and improving their ability to think on their feet and speak quickly and clearly. Many members on our team have seen improvements in their public and overall speaking confidence through coaching with peers and advisors. Being a member of our DECA and speech team makes for a great addition to your work resume because of all the growth opportunities that come with it.